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Sungrow’s Solar Power Inverter Powers a 1.2MWp Rooftop PV Project in La Rambla, Spain

In the pursuit of sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, businesses around the world are turning to solar power. A shining example of this commitment can be found in the 1.2MWp rooftop photovoltaic (PV) project situated in La Rambla, Spain. This commercial solar system leverages Sungrow‘s cutting-edge solar inverter system to drive renewable energy generation and self-consumption.

Harnessing Solar Power for Self-Consumption

The rooftop installation in La Rambla serves as a prime illustration of how commercial entities are harnessing solar energy for their own consumption. With the capacity to generate 1.2 megawatts peak (MWp) of solar power, this project aligns with the goal of reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. By utilizing the abundant sunlight, businesses can significantly offset their energy costs while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Empowering Renewable Energy Production

The significance of the La Rambla project extends beyond mere numbers. Approximately 26% of the renewable energy generated is consumed onsite, reflecting a substantial step toward energy sustainability. Sungrow’s inverter plays a pivotal role in this accomplishment by efficiently converting the captured solar energy into usable power, ensuring seamless integration with the existing electrical infrastructure.

Sungrow’s Solution: SG110CX

At the heart of this successful venture is Sungrow’s  inverter. With its innovative technology and robust design, the inverter is tailored for commercial applications like the La Rambla project. Its compatibility with the specific needs of the installation, coupled with its efficiency, played a vital role in achieving the project’s renewable energy goals. The completion date in 2021 marks a milestone not only for the project but also for Sungrow’s commitment to driving solar advancements.


The 1.2MWp rooftop PV project in La Rambla, Spain, powered by Sungrow’s  inverter, exemplifies the capabilities and benefits of commercial solar systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, this project showcases the potential for businesses to achieve energy self-sufficiency and significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Sungrow’s dedication to delivering innovative and efficient solutions contributes to the acceleration of renewable energy adoption worldwide, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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