Change your life by consuming Earthomaya A2 Cow Ghee every day

A2 cow ghee has been used by Indians for centuries to cook. Ghee has been subject to a lot negative press since its commercialization.

Pure desibilona ghee is, however, still one of our most powerful superfoods that our forefathers gave to us. It is far healthier than any refined oils or contaminated ghee that’s used in modern cooking.

Here, we’ll share a pure ghee made using the Bilona process, the earthomaya A2 cow ghee. It has received positive feedback from many of its users.

Earthomaya is a Rajasthani brand that creates unique products. It combines ancient Ayurvedic principles and cutting-edge technology to “the best out of it”, nourishing and improving the human body. The A2 cow ghee is a great health benefit that improves your immunity and your overall health.

Here are some ways desi bilona and ghee from Earthomaya can improve your health.

There are many health benefits to consuming A2 Cow Ghee

Assists with weight loss

Common misconception is that fat causes weight gain. Ghee is a perfect example of this misconception.

Ghee is rich in medium-chain triglycerides which may help with fat loss. You can enjoy desi cow ghee guilt free!

Improves your gut health

Ghee contains butyric acid, which is a short-chain, healthy fatty acid that aids in colon healing and colon health. Ghee can also aid in nutritional absorption and rekindle your digestive fire (Agni). How Ghee Can Help You Control Diabetes and Its Complications.

Natural Detoxifier

Ghee aids the body in detoxification by eliminating toxins. Ghee is used in Ayurvedic therapies such as Panchkarma to eliminate toxins from your tissues.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Trans-fats, which are found in hydrogenated vegetable oil, are dangerous to your health. These fats can increase your risk of developing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes by raising your cholesterol.

Ghee, which is rich in good fats, can help lower your cholesterol. Replace your cooking oil with bilona cow’s ghee to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Protect Your Brain

Ghee is high in saturated fats which are essential for brain health. Ghee can improve cognitive function and memory in children if consumed on a daily basis.

Its relaxing effect is also good for your mental health, which we all need during these stressful times.

Defends Against Oxidative Stress

Refined oils are rich in polyunsaturated fats. They can oxidize quickly, which leads to the formation of cancer-causing freeradicals.

Ghee is stable and long-lasting because it is high on saturated fats. Ghee is rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicals.

Your bones are strengthened

Ghee contains Vitamin K2, which is a vital vitamin that aids in calcium absorption. It is a good fat that helps increase bone density and strengthens bones.

Desi ghee is especially good for seniors because it alleviates joint pain by lubricating joints and tissues.


Beauty businesses tend to concentrate on products that can be applied topically in order to make them look nice. Beauty, however, is all about the inside. Your physical appearance is affected by what you eat.

A2 cow ghee also contains vitamins A, D and E. This will help you maintain your skin, eyes and hair health.

Reduces Inflammation

Are you suffering from acid reflux, ulcers or heartburn? You may experience these symptoms from the refined cooking oils that you use.

You should replace your cooking oil with desi cow’s ghee. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Ghee is suitable for deep-frying, and has a high smoke point.

Balances Dosha Imbalance

Ghee is used by Ayurveda for Pitta dosha and Vata dosha. It has a relaxing effect.

A2 cow ghee, unlike refined oils is more than just a fat for cooking. Desi Ghee, an ancient remedy that restores doshic imbalances and promotes general well-being, is known as an ancient remedy.


You can only get all the health benefits from cow ghee if you use the right type of ghee. This is bilona cow’s ghee, prepared according to Ayurvedic principles.

Earthomaya sells pure bilona butter made from A2 Desi Cow milk at Vedic Way. It is strong in flavor and contains no preservatives nor chemical additives.

Its granular texture is an indication that it’s a real bilona preparation. Go out and get it now and see the magic for yourself.

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