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Discover the Comprehensive Solutions of GETO, Your Trusted Formwork Supplier

When it comes to formwork solutions, GETO is a leading provider in the industry. With an extensive range of products, including typical floor aluminium formwork, self-climbing platforms, single-side wall support, cantilever systems, and precast component products, GETO offers a comprehensive “N+1” one-stop service strategy. Let’s explore how GETO’s offerings can benefit your construction projects.

Superior Formwork Systems for Agile Embassy Garden, Malaysia

GETO’s formwork systems have made a significant impact on the prestigious Agile Embassy Garden project in Malaysia. Consisting of three blocks and spanning across 64 floors, this apartment building required a robust and efficient solution. GETO stepped up to the challenge by providing their top-quality 65 Flat tie system and self-climbing platform system. These formwork systems ensured exquisite construction progress, offering stability, ease of use, and enhanced productivity.

Unparalleled Support and Service from GETO

As a formwork supplier, GETO places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. Their team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions. With a commitment to excellence, GETO offers comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle. From initial planning to onsite assistance, their expertise ensures a smooth construction process, timely delivery, and cost-effective outcomes.


Choosing GETO as your formwork supplier means gaining a reliable partner with a proven track record in the industry. Their extensive range of formwork solutions, including typical floor aluminium formwork, self-climbing platforms, and more, ensures versatility and adaptability for various construction projects. By leveraging GETO’s expertise and top-quality products,you can achieve superior results, enhanced efficiency, and ultimately, the successful completion of your projects. Trust GETO as your formwork supplier and experience excellence in construction.

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