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Enhancing Retail Efficiency with Hanshow’s AIoT Solutions

In the fast-paced world of retail, where every moment counts, Hanshow’s AIoT solutions emerge as a game-changer. Amidst the challenges of maintaining stocked shelves, minimizing out-of-stock scenarios, and understanding customer behavior, Hanshow‘s cutting-edge technology provides a comprehensive answer to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Revolutionizing Shelf Monitoring with Visight AI Camera

Hanshow’s Visight AI Camera, an award-winning innovation, strategically placed around the store, transforms shelf monitoring and customer traffic analysis. This stationary marvel captures real-time data, ensuring that shelves are stocked according to planogram requirements. The result? Reduced out-of-stock instances and a streamlined in-store experience for customers.

SPatrol Robot – A Mobile Solution for Comprehensive Monitoring

Enter the SPatrol Robot, a dynamic solution that takes monitoring to the next level. Roaming through store aisles, this high-tech assistant collects shelf information and seamlessly feeds it to backend systems. With this mobile marvel, Hanshow ensures that every corner of the store is optimized, contributing to efficient stock management and improved customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Convenience for Real-Time Insights

Not to be outdone, Hanshow’s AIoT solutions extend to a simple yet powerful medium – the mobile phone app. This user-friendly interface allows for the effortless collection of shelf information. With this feature, retailers can stay in control and make data-driven decisions on the go, further enhancing the adaptability and responsiveness of their stores.


Hanshow’s AIoT solutions create a synergy that goes beyond traditional retail management. By seamlessly integrating AI monitoring with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Hanshow ensures an interconnected feedback loop that not only reduces out-of-stock times but also guarantees proper planogram adherence. The result is a retail environment that is not only efficient but also highly profitable.

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