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Key Cutting Techniques: Mastering the Art of Precision

Key cutting is a delicate process that requires skill, precision, and a deep understanding of the intricate mechanics of keys and locks. Locksmiths, the experts in this craft, have mastered the art of key cutting to create duplicate keys or cut new keys from scratch. In this article, we will explore the key cutting techniques employed by locksmiths and delve into the world of precision that defines this essential locksmithing skill.

Manual Key Cutting

Manual key cutting is a traditional technique that locksmiths have employed for centuries. It involves using a manually operated key cutting machine to duplicate or create keys. The locksmith carefully aligns the original key or the lock’s specifications with the cutting blade, and with controlled movements, they cut the new key, replicating the tooth pattern accurately. This technique requires meticulous attention to detail and steady hands to ensure the key’s precision and functionality.

Automatic Key Cutting

With advancements in technology, locksmiths melbourne now have access to automatic key cutting machines that streamline the process and enhance precision. These machines utilize computerized systems and software to read the original key’s specifications or the lock’s code and automatically cut the new key accordingly. Automatic key cutting machines offer increased accuracy and efficiency, reducing the margin of error and providing consistent results.

Laser Key Cutting

Laser key cutting is a cutting-edge technique that utilizes laser technology to create precise keys. In this method, the locksmith uses a specialized laser key cutting machine that can accurately cut intricate key designs, including sidewinder or laser-cut keys. The laser beam precisely cuts the key’s pattern into the metal, resulting in smooth edges and a high level of precision. Laser key cutting ensures compatibility with modern, complex lock systems, making it a preferred choice for automotive keys and high-security applications.

Tubular Key Cutting

Tubular key cutting is a specialized technique used for cutting tubular or barrel keys commonly found in certain types of locks, such as vending machines or bike locks. These keys have a cylindrical shape with evenly spaced cuts along the edge. Locksmiths employ dedicated tubular key cutting machines that precisely remove the metal to create the required pattern. Due to the unique shape of tubular keys, this technique demands expertise and accuracy to ensure a proper fit and functionality.

Code Key Cutting

Code key cutting is a technique that locksmiths use when duplicating or cutting keys based on a key code. A key code is a specific set of numbers or alphanumeric characters that represents the key’s unique configuration. With a code key cutting machine, the locksmith enters the code, and the machine cuts the new key based on the provided specifications. This technique is particularly useful when a duplicate key is needed, and the original key is not available for manual duplication.


Key cutting techniques encompass a range of methods that locksmiths employ to create precise keys for various lock systems. Whether it’s manual key cutting, automatic key cutting, laser key cutting, tubular key cutting, or code key cutting, each technique requires a deep understanding of key and lock mechanics, attention to detail, and a commitment to precision. By mastering these techniques, locksmiths ensure that keys fit seamlessly into locks, providing functionality, convenience, and security to their clients.

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