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Unleashing the Power of Micro LED Screens: LEDMAN’s YS Series

LEDMAN, a pioneer in the micro LED display industry, has once again raised the bar with its groundbreaking YS Series micro LED screens. With pixel pitches as small as 0.4mm and 0.9mm, the YS Series redefines visual excellence and introduces exclusive patented HD energy-saving technology.

Ice Screen Technology

LEDMAN‘s YS Series incorporates an innovative ice screen feature, which significantly reduces the surface temperature of the displays. With this technology, the surface temperature of the screens is lower than the human body temperature, making them safe and comfortable to touch. This unique feature adds an extra layer of safety, making the YS Series suitable for various environments where user interaction is involved.

Precision and Detail

Micro LED technology lies at the heart of the YS Series, enabling precise and detailed visuals. With pixel pitches as small as 0.4mm and 0.9mm, these screens offer unmatched pixel density, ensuring that every image is rendered with exceptional sharpness and clarity. The YS Series showcases minute details in high-resolution content, making it ideal for applications that demand precision, such as control rooms, broadcast studios, and high-end retail displays.


LEDMAN’s YS Series micro LED panels redefine the possibilities of visual excellence. These screens combine precision, energy efficiency, and reliability, making them the perfect choice for applications ranging from control rooms and broadcast studios to retail showcases and public displays. LEDMAN continues to push the boundaries of LED display technology, and the YS Series is a testament to their commitment to innovation and outstanding visual solutions.

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