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Elevating IDC Operations: Youibot’s ARIS – IDC for Efficient Detection and Management

Introducing Youibot‘s ARIS – IDC, a highly integrated detection solution designed to improve IDC operations. With its multifunctional head, advanced sensors, and digital maintenance platform, ARIS – IDC offers unparalleled capabilities for order picking robots, safety, and efficiency in IDC server rooms. Let’s explore how this innovative system enhances IDC operations.

Highly Integrated Detection

The Youibot ARIS – IDC robot features a multifunctional head combining height elevation and multi-angle alignment. Equipped with thermal imaging cameras, industrial cameras, and 360° spherical cameras, they provide real-time image monitoring of service base stations in IDC server rooms. In addition to standard sensors, optional sensors for CO2, formaldehyde, and PM2.5 enable real-time abnormality detection during inspection tasks.

Multi-faceted Safety and Security Detection

The ARIS – IDC robot utilizes high and low ultrasonic sensors for accurate movement and presence detection. A facial recognition module ensures only authorized personnel access restricted areas, while a safety lidar adds an extra layer of security to prevent accidents. Various sensor connection ports enable the detection and response to different environmental changes, enhancing overall safety and security measures.

Digital Maintenance and Operation Platform

Equipped with a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring and operation management, the ARIS – IDC robot ensures efficient and effective equipment and task management. Features such as real-time task monitoring and access equipment provided by the INS system streamline maintenance and operation processes, maximizing efficiency and productivity.


In conclusion, Youibot’s ARIS – IDC sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability in IDC operations. As an order picking robots, multi-faceted safety measures, and comprehensive digital maintenance platform, ARIS – IDC empowers IDC operators to enhance monitoring, safety, and efficiency in server room environments. Embrace the future of IDC operations with Youibot’s ARIS – IDC and unlock new levels of performance and reliability.

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